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Mobile Savvy

Why choose us?

#1 We're a small business, just like you.

#2 We understand that different business have different needs and we will ensure we understand what is important to your business

#3 We can help to improve your bottom line with select business services

#4 We're local. We support our local economy and give back to our communities. 

What we offer that the other guys can't, or won't:

  • Onsite Exploratory Meetings
  • Onsite Deployment
  • Onsite Content Transfers
  • Onsite Documentation
  • Onsite Installation & Product Setup
  • Personalized Business Support Services 

Why choose TELUS

Amazing service and world-leading networks. That’s just the start of what we do. We’re making the future friendly – using technology to break down barriers, keep you safe online and help Canadians reach their full potential. When you choose TELUS, you’re All Connected for Good.

See what sets us apart

Great service. Very reliable. Highly recommend them.

Capt. Paul Brown, Dundas Fire Department

Very knowledgeable staff. Alanna was very helpful and took the time to explain details of the cell phone plan as well as assist in setting up the new device. Will definitely return.


Just a well run business - they really care about their customers and are very knowledgeable. I'd strongly recommend this business.

Paul Dowhaniuk,

Friendly and great staff. They would help you as much as they can.
I recommend this TELUS branch.
Thanks guys

Matt Saadeldin,

Terms & Conditions
  1. Offers subject to change without notice. Available to residential customers who have not subscribed to Internet and Optik TV in the past 90 days. TELUS reserves the right to modify the regular price at any time. Base price is not guaranteed and subject to change. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.Offer includes Optik TV 4 theme packs & 1 premium and Internet 75. From month 1-24, a $10/mo discount applies to TELUS Optik TV and a $10/mo discount applies to Internet for a total of $20/mo discount. Regular price with internet 75 is currently $160/mo. Regular price is subject to change without notice.Minimum system requirements apply. TELUS reserves the right to modify channel lineups and packaging without notice. HDTV input equipped-television required to watch HD. Final eligibility for the services will be determined by a TELUS representative. Downgrading to Lite after accepting a promotional offer will trigger the cancellation fees associated with the promotion and the free installation and equipment rental. Internet access is subject to usage limits; additional charges apply for exceeding the included data. A cancellation fee applies to the early termination of a service agreement and will be $15 per month multiplied by the number of months remaining in the term (with a partial month counting as a full month),plus applicable taxes. Rental equipment must be returned in good condition upon cancellation of service, otherwise the replacement cost will be charged to the account. Maximum speeds require optimal network conditions on a wired connection. Internet access speeds may vary depending on location, usage within the home network, Internet traffic, applicable network management or server configurations. Concurrent data streams, including combinations of uploads and downloads, may be required to access maximum speeds. Maximum speeds may not be achievable using a single device.

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