From a few vehicles to a full scale fleet, the TELUS connected Vehicle portfolio empowers business owners to efficiently & safely manage their vehicles.

Track your Vehicles

Always know where your vehicles are with vehicle tracking and trip recording.

Driver Monitoring & Vehicle Maintenance

Keep your vehicles running smoothly with vehicle diagnostics, notifications & speeding alerts.

Electronic Logging Device Compliance

Electronic Logging Device automatically records driving time for Hours of Service (HoS) reporting.

In Vehicle Wi-Fi

Stay connected by turning your vehicle into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

TELUS Connected Vehicle Portfolio

TELUS Drive+

$ 10  

/mo. on a 2 year contract
  • Ideal for a Small Business (1-5 vehicles)
  • Includes in-vehicle Wi-Fi + 1GB of sharable data
  • Vehicle tracking: Current location, Geo-fencing
  • Driver monitoring: Rapid accelerations, Harsh braking
  • Vehicle maintenance: Mileage, Diagnostics, Battery readings
  • Hours of Service: Not Enabled                  

TELUS Micro Fleet Solutions

$ 20  

/mo. on a 3 year contract (starting at)
  • ideal for a Business with a Micro Fleet (1-9 vehicles)
  • No in-vehicle WiFi
  • Vehicle tracking: Following vehicle, Find nearest vehicle 
  • Driver monitoring: Speeding, After-hours usage, scoring reports
  • Vehicle maintenance: Productivity, Maintenance
  • Hours of Service, Violation Reports, Electronic Logging, Inspection reports

TELUS Fleet Solution

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  • Ideal for Business with larger fleets (10+ vehicles)
  • No in-vehicle Wi-Fi
  • Vehicle tracking: Following vehicle, ,Find nearest vehicle, Traffic status
  • Driver monitoring: Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Erratic driving
  • Vehicle maintenance: Fuel, Maintenance scheduling, Accident detection
  • Hours of Service, Violation Reports, Electronic Logging, Inspection Reports

Our Solutions



TELUS Drive+

Plug-in the OBDII accessory and download the app to get real-time information such as vehicle location, driving behaviour and speed alerts.

View a vehicle's current location on a map and set up geo-fences to send notifications when drivers leave a defined area. Get acceleration, braking and odometer tracking to monitor driver behaviour.

For those that need to work on the go, TELUS Drive+ also provides in vehicle Wi-Fi for up to 5 devices.



Plug-in the Geotab accessory into the OBDII port and download the myGeotab application to get access to business grade analytics and reporting. View real-time vehicle location, trip history, vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour through your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Benefits include:

Boost Fleet & Driver Productivity.  Match drivers with their assigned vehicles using NFC for trip recording, driver statuses and route instructions.

Optimize Your Fuel Efficiency:  Track driver and vehicle fuel consumption and identify behaviours that negatively impact fuel economy.

Fleet Safety Management:  Assign scores to drivers based on factors including speeding and after-hours usage. Create driving trends reports and performance benchmarks.


Fleet Solutions

A cloud-based fleet, asset and mobile workforce management platform that improves operations, lowers fleet running costs, and increases fleet productivity. Solutions include:

TELUS Fleet Tracker:  An in-vehicle hardware solution that captures and interprets raw vehicle data to provides an accurate picture of fleet performance.

TELUS Fleet Complete Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and Hours of Service (HoS) solution:  Comply with US and Canada regulations. Drivers track hours of service and complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) on their smartphones; no additional hardware required.

TELUS Task Tracker:  Advanced project tracking solution that distributes assignments to your crew and provides real-time status updates.

TELUS Asset Tracker:  Real-time GPS tracking for high-value field assets to determine location and monitor maintenance schedules.

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