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Whether you're a small business customer, corporate enterprise, a family full of teenagers, or a new immigrant to Canada studying to be the next big thing, we can support you. 

We have eight locations across southern Ontario to support a wide range of customers.  We offer TELUS, Koodo, Public Mobile. as well as Fleet Complete.  


The #MostGivingCompany of all

We believe one act of giving inspires another, so we give everything we can. Through our community giving efforts, 2 million youth have been impacted annually.

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Together we can #EndBullying

By signing this pledge, you'll stand with countless Canadians to help keep your digital neighbourhood safe. Together, we can create a friendlier world online.

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Putting Canadians first

Our commitment to improving lives and the world in which we live is at the heart of our team’s culture of caring. By utilizing the best of technology, we champion social change in the areas of health, education, the environment and our communities, ensuring the future is friendly.

You've got a wireless need. We have a solution.


We've got a large team that is well trained.


London, Hamilton, Mississauga, St. Catherine's, and Niagara Falls.

business channels

Retail, Small Business, Corporate, Security, Enterprise Solutions, Growth Solutions.


TELUS, Koodo, Public Mobile, Fleet Complete, Geo Tab, HubSpot, & ADT.